Pa Yvan recently sent the following letter:

"Ka'oha nui,

Hello my dear friends,

Just before Pentecost, I want to wish you a great feast with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God that also lives in our heart.

And I also want to send you some news about my health situation.

I am still alive, happy and in deep peace despite my MND sickness. What helps me a lot, is to try to have a look at my sickness through the Stations of the Cross, which is a very nice and deep meditating prayer. I have always loved it since my young age.

Nowadays, I can say I am around the 8th and 9th Station. I haven't calculated how many times I have fallen, but it seems to me, I understand it is rather like three stages.

The first one is like not be able to walk without a stick.

The second fall, like second stage, where a stick is not enough anymore and you need to use crutches.

The third fall is when even the crutches aren't helpful anymore and you will be having to use the wheelchair because you can't stand anymore. Well I am about to fall the third time one of these days...

It's going to lead me to the 10th station where Jesus has been prepared to be crucified and this for me is the stage where I will be totally dependent from the health people and home nurse. 

I really try to celebrate Mass every day and so far it's still with standing at the altar, which is good.

The difficulty nowadays is that my pelvis is almost totally disconnected and that makes I struggle to turn around on myself and lift my legs, and in the bed, it becomes difficult to turn too, but so far I still can do it, since my upper body is not weak so far.

Every morning, I see how I can stand up and this tells me how weak I am. I am really living one day after the other, like Jesus proposed in the Good News.

Beside that, I have also some weaknesses in my throat, which makes me start to talk slowly and sometimes not very clearly. I hope and pray the Lord I can still say Mass until my last breath.

My arms are also starting to change a little bit, but I can still write and carry stuff...

Well all my dear friends, there are some news about my humble situation. I try to accept it and to offer it to the Lord for my parishioners and for all my friends like you too.

I am happy to send you this message with my love and prayers and a big hug

Happy Pentecost

Yours in Christ

Motua Yvan+

Diocesan chancellor "


Please keep praying for Father Yvan.