Nga mihi nui ki a koutou

A very warm welcome to our new students Faron Mobberley and Bella Ferguson.

At the time of writing we are looking towards the end of what has been another exciting, busy and of course memorable term for St Mary’s.  Our big community shared event this term was our Art’s week that culminated in a sharing of Art works completed by children and the celebration of performing groups and individuals.  The focus of our week was on the wider arts and so included, aspects of dance, drama, music in addition to the visual arts focus you witnessed.  My thanks to all who came along to support our school on Thursday evening and to Pip Berquist for her organisation. 

Collaboration (working together)

As you are aware we are currently exploring ways in which teachers can work effectively together in a collaborative learning environment to enhance learning outcomes for our students.  I am not often one to quote research to parents but current views of researchers such as John Hattie are that the number one factor in influencing student achievement is termed, Collective Teacher Efficacy.  This basically means teachers working together with the belief that through the efforts of many (teachers) we can make a greater difference for students.

The ideal physical conditions to create this are aligned to the design of our new learning environment but as you know many of our buildings are not at this time able to meet such ideals.  As a result, you have seen and will continue to see creative ways of collaborating as teachers in the spirit of the above theory.  Connected to this is approach is students working collaboratively together, again in an effort to achieve collective efficacy as students.  This may make you reflect on how you work best in your chosen profession or how interaction with colleagues makes for more effective outcomes in your field. 

Student Led Conferences 

Our term 3 student led conferences will be held on Wednesday 2 August.  This is a further opportunity for parents and caregivers to connect with examples of their child’s learning and achievement.  Information regarding the booking of conference times will accompany your child’s mid year report.  As in previous years school will close at 12.30pm on this day.  All parents will need to make alternative care arrangements for children from this time.  There will be no afterschool care on this day.

Before School Procedures and Punctuality

Thank you to all who have been making an effort with ensuring children are at school on time.  It definitely makes a difference when a child is set up an ready to learn at the start of the day.  Equally in our colder months it is not ideal to have children waiting in the cold for classrooms to open.  All classrooms will be open and supervised from 8.30am which means children who arrive before this will need to wait in an outside area.   Ideally any time from 8.15 - 8.45 is a good time to get to school.

Late students

If your child arrives to school after 8.50am then they are late.  All late students must report to the school office to be marked present on the attendance register.  

From the beginning of Term 3 your child will need to obtain a late pass from the office and take this to the classroom teacher.  This is a procedure we have adopted to keep your child safe at all times.


A reminder that you must ring the school office if your child is sick or going to be absent from school.  The best form of communication for absentees is by texting our absentee mobile number 021 2969437, alternatively you could ring the school office and leave a message.  This is a tremendous help to our office staff so your help with this would be much appreciated.

75th Jubilee

We look forward to a very exciting Term 3 when we celebrate the 75th birthday of St Mary’s Catholic School.  More information will come home at the beginning of next term to see how you can be involved in this very special occassion.

Happy holidays and keep safe.  

Ben Fuller