Nga mihi nui ki a koutou

A special welcome to our new families and new children; Elia Szulakowski, Sara Szulakowski, Jooyeon Kim, Hugo Kolless, Bryley Raass, Manaia Brazendale, Regan Dobbs, Mali Lawrence, George McKinnon, Oriel Olvina, Oliver Reid, Delilah Smith and Solomin Smith. 

It is great to be into Term 2 and with you look forward to the many opportunities and events within our school community as winter approaches.  It has been great to see some of our winter sports codes starting to prepare for the season.  I wish all players, coaches, managers and parents all the best for your first games and congratulations to Mr Finlayson for the work he has done in getting approximately 300 children involved in sport.

As with any term there are many events and activities on our busy calendar so please take time to look either online or on our website for what’s coming up.  I was in Korea at the same time as our PTA Quiz night last year but looking forward to joining in with you this time.  Make sure you have a table together as it is always a fun night.

Innovative Learning Environments

As you may be aware we have a new Minister of Education, The Honorable Nikki Kaye.  Nikki Kaye comes from and academic background that covers both the sciences and law and is therefore a big supporter of Innovative Learning Environments.  It is important to note that the word innovative refers to what happens within the learning environment, not what the environment looks like.  It is very much learner centred with the learner in control as opposed to the teacher.  The teacher obviously has a role different to that which has been more traditional in nature.

Father Santi gave a great homily on Sunday with a focus on leadership.  He looked at the words efficient vs effective.  Efficient being related to managing and effective being related to leadership.  My view is that the New Zealand Education system and teaching practice developed high levels of efficiency since the time of tomorrow’s schools but is now realising the need to be effective in leading learning.

Those parents who attended the Aroha open afternoons last week and those who regularly help or are in attendance in Room 13 will no doubt make some connections with how we are working towards being effective as a school.  We have some further times to share scheduled with other learning teams this term.  Maramatanga parents are invited to share in the focus on their new learning environment at either 2.20pm or 6pm next Tuesday.

The OECD has published many reports that are guiding educational practice globally a recent one, “Schooling redesigned towards innovative learning systems focuses on 7 ILE learning principles.  The first being ‘Make learning central, encourage engagement and be where learners come to discover themselves as learners’.  This statement indicating that children need the scope to explore and connect with what successful learning looks like for them.  We are examining all 7 ILE principles as a staff and will continue to share them with our community.

Before School Procedures and Punctuality

Thank you to all who have been making an effort with ensuring children are at school on time.  It definitely makes a difference when a child is set up and ready to learn at the start of the day.  Equally, in moving forward to our colder months it is not ideal to have children waiting in the cold for classrooms to open.  All classrooms will be open and supervised from 8.30am which means children who arrive before this will need to wait in an outside area.   Ideally any time from 8.15 - 8.45 is a good time to get to school.

New Build Progress

With a run of recent good weather we have seen some great progress with the construction of our new learning environment.  Early next week we should start to see a roof go on which will of course signal the end of potential weather delays.  The time frame for completion is therefore still the end of the term meaning we will be in a position to welcome our Year 2 students into their new learning space at the beginning of Term 3.

Nga mihi nui

Ben Fuller