Every Friday lunch orders from La Brioche

How it works.

All orders MUST come to the school office with the correct money in a sealed envelope NO LATER than 9.00am on Friday.

The envelope MUST have the following information

  • Room
  • Name
  • What you would like to order
  • Correct amount enclosed

The ham or chicken roll, and the chicken bap come with lettuce, tomato, grated cheese, carrot and a mayonnaise dressing.  Please be specific with your order if your child does not like any of these filling choices.

School Lunch Menu

Mince Pie $4.00
Chicken Bap (made with real chicken breast) $4.50
Ham sandwich OR Chicken sandwich OR Egg Sandwich on wholemeal bread with a berry muffin $4.50
Wholemeal Chicken Calzone OR Ham Calzone (Calzone is a closed pizza with pizza sauce, cheese and chicken or ham) $4.50
Ham Filled Roll OR Chicken Filled Roll $4.00
Sausage Roll $2.50
Juice 200ml $2.00

 ** All chicken used is real chicken breast.
*** Filling choices for rolls or baps only are lettuce, tomato, grated cheese, carrot and mayonnaise.

70 St John Street, Tauranga, Ph  579 5641 or Manish 021 1456506 or Sushma 021 1481031