The implementation of the New Zealand Curriculum in 2007, required schools to develop a school vision in collaboration with all key stakeholders: Boards of Trustees, teachers, students and parents.

The school recognised the need to reflect on the impact of their vision, as a vision must evolve to meet the needs of its community. 

In 2012 and 2013, the vision was re branded using visual imagery. All stakeholder groups were invited to make their thinking visible on the key dispositions of : ‘Christ-Like’, ‘Reflective’, Creative, and ‘be the Difference’.

Using a large wall in the school hall painted with blackboard paint, stakeholders regularly shared their understandings of the dispositions. For the students, this opportunity to focus deeply and make their thinking visible on what it meant to be: ‘Christ-Like’ ‘reflective’, ‘creative’ and to ‘be’ the Difference, embedded their understandings of how they were using the dispositions as learning strategies. The 2007 vision was further adapted in 2013 to:

Our Vision