1.  Community: With Christ as our centre, St Marys Catholic School will be an authentic Catholic Community that recognises and honours the sacredness of the individual.
1.1 In partnership with our community, progress and grow the understanding of our core values: Truth, Mercy, Faith and Wisdom.
1.2 Through specific faith based teaching, actively develop and honour each student as a unique  individual and  develop graduate pathways as guided by the Charism of Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey.
1.3 Ensure St Mary’s Catholic School is a safe and secure environment for all those who utilise our school site.

2.  Student Learning: St Mary’s Catholic School will create a learning environment where all students will have the opportunity to reach their full potential as is the intent of the New Zealand Curriculum Framework.
2.1 Create challenging curriculum experiences that are personalised for all students.
2.2 Provide opportunities that foster an intrinsic love of learning, learner agency and cognitive advancement.
2.3 All learners make progress against National Standards and related educational benchmarks of achievement.

3.  Teacher Effectiveness: Teachers at St Mary’s Catholic School will work collaboratively to deliver rich curriculum experiences.
3.1 Embed teaching as inquiry praxis in order to maximise student achievement.
3.2 Build connections within and across learning communities.
3.3 Develop shared ownership of curriculum with opportunities for creativity and reciprocal learning and teaching.

4. Cultural Responsiveness: St Mary’s Catholic School embraces Taha Maori and recognises wider cultural diversity.  We will promote inclusiveness and strengthen our commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
4.1 Grow our cultural identity as a school, honouring individual student heritage and growing recognition of our diversity.
4.2 Extend student and teacher understanding of Te Reo and Tikanga Maori across our school community.
4.3 Grow our profile as a bi cultural learning institution through enriched curriculum experiences and the development of culturally