St Marys Gymnastics Team for 2016

For the last 6 months 18 children from year 3-6 have been practising every Wednesday morning for the annual Argos and Impact Gymsports competition.   

They have spent many hours learning and perfecting their routine for the Beam, Floor, Vault, Trampoline and Mat.  On the 3rd and 17th of June we competed and were judged in these two competitions.

The results were:

Jai McGarva - 6th overall for Artistic Gymnastics

Isla Wills - 1st overall for Trampoline, 1st overall for Artistic Gymnastics, 3rd overall for Artistic Gymnastics at Impact Gymsports competition

Sophie Hooper - Placed 6th overall for Artistic Gymnastics

Zac Carey - Placed 6th overall for Trampoline

Jai McGarva, Sylvester Green and Ned Shaw – placed 2nd team overall.

Congratulations to all our amazing gymnasts for achieving great scores, medals and for representing St Marys School with such pride.  Awesome work !

Megan Wills
Gymnastic Coach 2016

South Cluster Cross Country results 2016

This year St Mary’s sent a team of 42 runners to the South Cluster cross Country held at Waipuna Park. It was a glorious day, and and there was a buzz of excitement on board the bus.

Up against some very tough competition our runners performed incredibly well, taking out a number of podium finishes. With the top 7 runners in each age group progressing through to the Western Bay Champs.  A very special congratulations to Renee Carey who placed first in her year group.  Well done Renee!

Year 4 Girls - Holly Faussett 2nd and Emma Rogers 4th

Year 4 Boys - Will Quin 2nd, Finn Curragh 6th, Aidan Dobbs 7th

Year 5 Girls - Renee Carey 1st

Year 5 Boys - Max Broadmore 4th and Darcy Gilbert 7th

Year 6 Girls - Anna Tustin 7th

Year 6 Boys - Hugo McCarroll 2nd, Scott Breebaart 6th and Zach Quin 7th.  We wish these runners all the best for Western Bay Champs.

St Mary’s Cross Country 2016 Results

The day dawned a little grey and overcast but this was not enough to dampen the spirits of the children who had all been training hard over the weeks leading up to Cross Country.  The weather held and and first place was hotly contested across all age groups.

I would like to say a big thank you to all who helped out around the course, without your support the day would not have been the success it was.


Year 1                            

1st Lotte Jones

2nd Aja Nix 

3rd Grace Raymond 

Year 2                                  

 1st Areta Kahura

2nd Cleo Sands 

3rd Ashliegh Taitumu-Boot

Year 3                                  

1st Eva Jeffries

2nd Amelia Muller 

3rd Olivia Williamson 

Year 4                                  

1st Emma Rogers

2nd Holly Faussett 

3rd Eliana Hulesbosch

Year 5                                    

1st Renee Carey

2nd Stella Roper        

3rd Rozalia Wisnewski    

Year 6                                    

1st Anna Tustin    

2nd Myscha Barry 

3rd Emma Thornton

Girls Overall Champion Renee Carey   


Year 1

Matthew Rogers

Matthew Robinson            

Quinn Downes

Year 2

Sydney Orchard

Josh Faussett

Oliver Laurie

Year 3

Austin Roper

Ciaran Manning

Eli Banbury

Year 4

Will Quin

Aidan Dobbs

Finn Curragh

Year 5

Jack Williamson

Max Broadmore

Darcy Gilbert

Year 6

Zach Quin

Scott Breebaart

Hugo McCarroll

Boys Overall Champion Zach Quin






Samoan Language Week

We were lucky to have the opportunity as a school to move from an amazing show week straight into a celebration of Samoan language and culture thanks to the work of the parents in our recently formed Pasifika group.  It was great to have parents come into our classes to teach our children some Samoan language and expose us all to aspects of Samoan culture.  The week culminated in a fantastic celebration assembly led by the Pasifika group.  My thanks on behalf of our community for all the work that went into the many facets of the week.

Our First Board of Trustees Meeting


My thanks to all who took the time to make an informed voting selection in our recent Board of Trustee elections.  Those elected members now have the challenge of continuing to guide and govern the strategic direction of our school.  Again my thanks to departing trustees of Kelly Quin, Scott Brodie, Shirley-Marie Whata-Coffin, Amy Rogers, Steve Curtis and Gavin Hesqua, and my congratulations to those who have been duly elected.  

Those elected trustees being:


Shem Banbury; Antoine Coffin; Shay Hulsebosch; Claire Stott; Anne Young; Donna Vincent (staff representative).

Yesterday evening, Tuesday 28 June, the newly elected Board of Trustees sat for the first time.  At this meeting Mrs Claire Stott was elected as Board Chair with Mrs Anne Young elected as Deputy Chair.  Both Claire and Anne will be supported in their roles by other elected parent trustees; Mr Antoine Coffin, Mr Shay Hulseboch and Mr Shem Banbury.  Together our new parent trustees join our staff trustee Mrs Donna Vincent and Proprietor representatives Father Mark Field, Mr Paul Callinan, Mrs Katy Wealleans and Mr Victor Villegas.

Together as a board we are looking forward to serving the interests of our school community.

Kind regards


Ben Fuller

Aroha Team Meeting - using Digital Technologies daily

Dear Aroha Whanau

Next Thursday 23rd June (Week 8), you are all invited to attend an informal meeting with all Aroha teachers in the BAMJC, regarding how we are using digital devices to enhance learning for your children.

We would like the opportunity to share with you how we are specifically using Digital Technologies daily with all of our Aroha students to engage them in class.  One of these initiatives is Blogger, and how blogging allows the students to reflect and share their learning successes safely in an online environment.  We are also using an excellent online Maths initiative called 'Maths Hub', and would like to share how this is also supporting your child and their Mathematics learning.

You are welcome to email your child's classroom teacher with questions you may have around technology use in the Senior School, so we can ensure we build this into our presentation.  All questions are warmly invited!

Following our presentation there will be time for any final questions, should you have any.

The session will begin @ 5.00pm in the BAMJC.

Kindest regards,

Aroha Team

Tauranga Moana Ra Whakangahau Kapa Haka Festival 2016

2 December 2016

Kia ora koutou katoa

It is hard to imagine that this time last week we were immersed in the warm but consistent drizzle that descended on day two of the Tauranga Moana Ra Whakangahau Kapa Haka Festival.  (see photos here)

As you are aware, this is the first time St Mary's has hosted this festival and I certainly hope it is not the last.  I realise we now have a responsibility to hand over the Mauri and present a new school with the challenge of hosting this fantastic event.  In doing so we are able to provide who ever picks up the rakau in 2017 with a fantastic framework for success.

The spirit of the Ra Whakangahau is providing all children with the opportunity to participate in a quality Kapa Haka festival.  In doing so we create memories for these children and grow them as people.  I want to thank you all for the part you had in making this happen for the children of Tauranga Moana in 2016.

At St Mary's we set very high standards for ourselves and many aspects of our organisation were ambitious.  However, in true style, we pulled it off providing our wider community something to be extremely proud of.  Comments from other kura include.

A huge thank you to you and your crew from us at Pillans Point School.  What a fantastic event - so well run, especially in some challenging conditions. 

We loved being a part of it and please pass on to Ben, that we appreciate it hugely what you have done for our community, culture and schools in the area.

On behalf of all the students, staff and parents at Matahui School our thanks for the way in which you hosted us at the festival. Whilst we were unable to stay long, the time we were there your student mentors and support team gave us every assistance possible.

The task of hosting such an event is immense and we do appreciate the lengths the school went to in hosting us all.
Lastly....thank you for the koha. It was a kind and generous thought. We shall display it with a photo of our roopu as a tangible memory of the day.

Congratulations for hosting a tremendous Ra Whakangahau 2017 festival.
Greenpark performed yesterday and were extremely impressed with the organisation, venue and general vibe of the festival.
We are aware it is a huge under taking to host an event of this magnitude and would like to express our gratitude to you personally as well as the organising committee, staff and pupils of St Mary's school.

From this office I am extremely fortunate to be in a position to receive such feedback but am grateful that I can also pass it to all those who made this possible.

To the many volunteers within our community who made it possible, my heartfelt thanks to you all.

Nga mihi kia koutou

Ben Fuller

18 November 2016

Key Times
The festival will start with a Powhiri at 8.30am, this will be closely followed with our school performance at 9.15am.  Both St Thomas More and Aquinas College Kapahaka Students will be present at the powhiri and will follow on from the performance of our school.  The first day will conclude at approximately 2.30pm. Performances start again at 9am Friday morning, with the final performance again at approximately 2.30pm.

School Based Organisation
Classes will run as normal during this time but teachers have been encouraged to spend as much time as possible taking in the unique opportunity the festival presents.  There are a number of food stalls that will be in operation during the day and children will be able to purchase items at interval and lunchtime should they wish to.  More information in regard to this is again available on our school website.

Key Messages for Parents
With over 5000 people expected to visit our school site over the two days there will firstly be a lot of extra people around our school site and surrounding area.  To help manage the traffic in around our school we are operating a park and ride service from Memorial Park however, it would be advisable to take extra care when collecting and dropping off students.  The eastern end of Harvey Street will also be closed to traffic from 8am until 3pm so please make sure you allow plenty of time to park appropriately and accompany students to and from your cars.
As parents we would like to, of course, encourage you to take the time to come down and enjoy the festival.  There is no charge to enter and morning tea and lunch times would present opportunities for you to watch the festival with your children.  As mentioned, food stalls are operating with many options for you to enjoy.
Food available at the Food Stalls
Hangi - $10
Raw Fish - $4
Mussel Fritter with Bread - $4
St Mary’s Maori Burger - $4
Pies - including the famous ‘Boil Up’ Pie - $4
Sausages Rolls & Savouries - $2
Sausage Sizzle - $2
Smoothies - $4
Ice Blocks & Ice Cream - $2 - $4
Fruit Cups - $3
Juice, Bottled Water - $2 - $3
Cakes, slices, muffins - various prices

10 May 2016

This year Hato Maria (St Mary’s) will be hosting the 2016 Tauranga Moana Kapa Haka Festival on the 24th and 25th of November.  As a Kura we have participated in the festival in the last three years and we now have the privilege to host it.  This is an event that provides primary age school children with the opportunity to participate in Kapa Haka performance in a non competitive atmosphere.  As the first Catholic School to host this event we will be looking to work with our other Catholic Schools and wider Whanau to impart Kaupau o Katorika (aspects Catholic) throughout the festival.

We anticipate over 40 schools participating, with up to 5000 spectators and performers visiting our school over the two days of the festival.  How can we help I hear you say?  Stand by for information from our Whanau group regarding invitations to attend related meetings and to be a part of working parties.

Board of Trustee Election Results

St Mary’s Catholic School Board of Trustees’ Election
Declaration of Parent and Staff Election Results

Parent representatives votes:

Banbury, Shem 130
Byrne, Colin     58
Coffin, Antoine 122 
Davie, Rachael 67
Gash, Preston  57
Hulsebosch, Shay   91
Leitch, Ben     43
Lenton, Tony 61
Sands, Lorraine 68
Stott, Claire   141
Tustin, Daniel 33
Wilson, Tania 82
Young, Anne 103
Invalid Votes 10

I hereby declare the following duly elected:

Shem Banbury
Antoine Coffin
Shay Hulsebosch
Claire Stott
Anne Young

Staff representatives votes:

At the close of nominations, as there was only one valid nomination received I hereby declare:

Donna Vincent duly elected:

Theresa Dunston
Returning Officer

Science Extravaganza sponsored by Taylor Brothers Friday 3 June

On Friday 3 June we will be privileged to a Science Extravaganza for our Year 3-6 students led by award winning scientist Dr Siouxsie Wiles.

The Extravaganza has been sponsored by Taylor Bro's and so is of no cost to students. There will also be a morning tea provided.

The presentation will start at 10.30 in our centre where we will be joined by students from other schools and will run for approximately an hour. Parents and family members are also welcome to attend.

Kind Regards

Ben Fuller