May I first convey my thanks for the contribution all made towards the success of our Trek to the Top musical production.  In reflecting on the week of performances there is possibly no better way to bring a school community together in celebration of student achievement. 

The focus of education in New Zealand is very much centred on academic achievement and in the primary sector, achievement specifically in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.  You will not hear me say that this is not important.   However, after witnessing the artistic expression portrayed by our amazing students during Trek to the Top journey, I will definitely continue to advocate for the incorporation of a range of opportunities for children to experience success.

A special mention must go to the outstanding husband and wife Gobsmacked team of Patrice and Dion Williamson.  Congratulations to you both.  My heartfelt thanks to my staff for your passion and support of the production. In particular a special thank you to Pip Berquist for your fantastic leadership in our Trek to the Top.

Check out the Gobsmacked photos here....

Ben Fuller