Education is a three way partnership between our students, our parents and our school.

For a student to realise the potential of all their God given natural talents and abilities, each partner must be fully committed. That commitment requires all three stakeholders to be equally valued and respected.

If you are actively and consistently engaged in your child’s learning, you can add the equivalent of two to three years of education over the course of your child’s school career.

Students need to be engaged in what they are learning rather than just be passive receivers of knowledge. Learners who are active and committed to their learning will adopt ownership and responsibility for their learning, developing intrinsic motivation and independence.

Parents need to be engaged also, educating their children with the help of our professional teachers. As your child’s first teacher, you have the power to encourage your child’s innate passion to learn.

75% to 85% of a child’s waking hours are spent outside the influence of school. Your engagement in the educational development of your child improves attainment more than any other single factor.

In his review of the factor’s contributing to student achievement, John Hattie concludes that “parents can have a major effect in terms of the encouragement and expectations that they transmit to their children.”

Parent engagement works largely through the setting of high aspirations and the shaping of a young learner’s self- concept. It is what parents do at home that has the greatest impact on student achievement.

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