Sporting Opportunities

2018 Term 1 Sporting Opportunities

Saint Mary’s Catholic Primary School has a variety of sporting opportunities, ranging from Athletics to Water Polo.
The School sports and extra-curricular activities, provide students with valuable learning experiences.  From trying new sports, playing sports they enjoy, to developing and strengthening a range of skills, as well as learning valuable social skills, and the opportunity for students to create and enhance friendships.
Our School’s sports could not be run without the help and support of our parents and whanau. We are always looking for passionate family members to coach or manage our teams, or volunteer at our school run events. There is no experience required, time commitment is minimal.  It is an awesome, positive experience, plus your child will love having you involved.  If you would like further information in regards to coaching or managing a St Mary’s Sports Team please email Steven Finlayson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cricket the quintessential Kiwi Summer game is lots of fun, and helps develop the fundamental skills of catching, throwing and hitting. At primary school level great importance is put on participation, with all players being given an equal opportunity to bat and bowl.
Cricket is played at various venues around the WBoP. Games begin with a grading round on 10th of February (1st Saturday of term one) and runs for the entire term.
Divisions are:
Year 3 – 5: Division 2 Cricket.  For novice cricket players.
Year 4 – 6: Division 1 Cricket.  For more experienced cricket players
Superstar Cricket Academy is for Year 1 – 3 students, beginner cricket players.  The focus is on developing skills in a fun format.
Registration for the Superstar Cricket Academy is done via New Zealand Cricket, not St Mary’s.  If your child is interested in attending the Superstar Cricket Academy CLICK HERE. Our Major Association is Northern Districts.

Flippaball not only helps develop the skills of passing and catching a ball, but also provides the opportunity to increase water confidence. Plus, it is a great opportunity for everyone to have a good splash around.

Played at Memorial Pool on a Tuesday evening from week 3 (27th February) to week 11 (last week of term 1). St. Mary’s has teams for years 3 – 6 boys and girls.

Games are played at:
3:30pm – 7:30pm for years 3 & 4
4:00pm – 8:30pm for years 5 & 6.

Kiwi Volleyball is available for year 5 – 6 students.  The modified rules used in Kiwi Volleyball are a fantastic, easy and fun way to introduce your child to the game. Volleyball is a great way to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination, reflexes and balance.
Volleyball is played on a Friday afternoon at QEYC (Memorial Park) from week 4 (9th March) until week 10 of term 1. Games are played at either 4:20pm, 5:00pm or 5:40pm.

Rippa Rugby is a fast, safe, non-contact, easy game to play for both boys and girls. Being non contact, it is perfect for those who don’t play rugby, but would like to give it a go.  For those who do play rugby, Rippa Rugby is an ideal way to keep up your rugby skills and fitness.
Rippa Rugby is open to all years from 1 – 6 students.  Games are played at Waipuna Park, Welcome Bay on a Thursday afternoon beginning in week 3 (22nd February) of term 1.
Games are played at:
4:00pm for Year 1 & 2
4:30pm or 5:00pm for Year 3 & 4
5:00pm or 5:30pm for Year 5 & 6
Water Polo is for year 5 and 6 students.  It is a unique fun filled water based game.  Water Polo is a physically demanding sport, which is played by experienced swimmers. 

Water Polo is played at Toi-Ohomai (formerly known as Bay of Plenty Polytechnic) pool on a Friday afternoon between the times of 4:00pm and 6:30pm

Water Polo is for year 5 and 6 students only, and begins in week 2 (16th February) of term 1 and end on week 8 of term 1.




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